Approved Contractors

To guarantee that we achieve the highest standards for our clients on every project, we have an Approved Contractor Network.

This extensive network of appointed roofing contractors are assessed for the quality of workmanship, credentials, financial stability and insurances as well as health and safety policies and training procedures. Many of our Approved Contractors have been working alongside Langley for many years, with shared company values and working methods as well as exacting quality standards.

Our vetted Approved Contractor Network gives you assurance that the contractor meets the needs of any project you require to undertake. In addition, we also badge individual roofing operatives to ensure that each installer is competent to install our systems and that they have received training in all our latest technologies

Benefits for all

For our clients, it means you get the same level of expertise and service excellence from initial consultation and design through to installation and ongoing maintenance.

And for our Approved Contractors there’s a regular source of high quality projects in collaboration with trusted Langley and client teams.

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