Building a Safer Future Charter

Langley is thrilled to achieve the esteemed status of Building a Safer Future Champion. As champions, we embrace the opportunity to lead rather than follow, solidifying our commitment to a “Safety First Approach” that prioritises both individual and structural safety. With Langley’s strong leadership and culture, we are poised to spearhead sustainable change throughout the industry, fostering a culture of safety and resilience within our supply chain.

We extend our sincere gratitude to Darren Oliver, our BSF assessor, and Gary Townsend Vila for their unwavering support on our Building Safer Future journey.

Looking ahead, Langley eagerly anticipates our involvement in the Building Safer Future initiative, committed to making continual strides toward improvement in the years to come.

Building Safer Future Champion

Langley offers cutting-edge roofing and waterproofing solutions designed to positively influence both people, communities and the environment. Our services extend beyond mere construction, as we specialise in rooftop development, and urban revitalisation, all while prioritising the reduction of embodied carbon and building skills for the for with our Social Enterprise, Langley Training Services.

Our core business values are to improve where people live, play and work through creating a safe and sustainable environment for today and the future. Implementing Safety and Social Value within everything we do is paramount and achieving this status is a credit to the people within Langley, their supply chain and customers.

We embarked on the Champion assessment with a clear vision: to lead rather than follow in our industry. By subjecting ourselves to this rigorous evaluation, we aimed to reaffirm our commitment to our core values, particularly our unwavering adherence to a Safety-First Approach and to ensure that the building we work upon are safe and compliant.

Participating in the Champion assessment has been immensely enlightening. One of the greatest takeaways has been the opportunity to have an external auditor scrutinise our systems. This has not only allowed us to recognise our strengths but has also pinpointed areas where improvement is needed.

This assessment has provided us with invaluable reassurance. It has reinforced the notion that safety is not just a priority for us—it’s our foremost concern. We are dedicated to safeguarding not only our team members but also our customers, and this process has underscored that commitment.

At Langley, the pursuit of excellence is perpetual. We view the insights garnered from the Champion assessment as a springboard for ongoing enhancement. We remain steadfast in our quest for improvement, constantly seeking out superior methods and practices. We are committed to not only embracing knowledge but also applying it rigorously and sharing it with our stakeholders.

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