Iconic office block in London benefitted from an outstanding roof refurbishment finish, demonstrating the versatility of liquid roofing systems.

Capital Roofing Co Ltd


Hartnell Taylor Cook

Property Consultants, Hartnell Taylor Cook turned to Langley for help with the building’s challenging roof refurbishment project

The Task

The roof space contained a complicated maze of obstructions including plant equipment, ventilation and cabling.

Langley’s Paracoat and red Paraquartz Liquid Roofing Systems were chosen to overlay the existing asphalt roof, a perfect solution to overcome the many onsite challenges.
Langley approved installers, Capital Roofing Co Ltd, was chosen to carry out the works on the 600m² roof space.

The Outcome

The complex roof refurbishment was overcome by using Liquid roofing system which achieved a superb finish to last for many years to come.

The roof refurbishment at Brettenham House resulted in an outstanding, showcasing the versatility of Liquid roofing.


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