Installing a Biodiverse Roof System and transforming a 1960s block of maisonettes into a green oasis.

Woodland Commercial



System Used:

EGR BD Biodiverse Roof System

ThamesWey’s vision is to create places where people want to live, where the built environment is in tune with nature. They saw an opportunity to refurbish a 1960s block of maisonettes to create a benchmark green envelope solution for social housing.

The Task

There are always challenges to overcome when working with refurbishment projects.These included the discovery that the original specification did not suit the load bearing considerations required. Also, the site access was severely restricted, with deliveries only possible via a shopping centre roof. Our solution had to take these challenges into consideration to deliver in line with ThamesWey’s built environment vision.

Middle Walk Balcony
Middle Walk development

The Outcome

The original felt flat roofs were made new with the added enhancement of Langley Eco Solutions’ Biodiverse roof system. The red brick façade has been softened with a living wall constructed off the balconies on the front façade. We installed intensive shrub planting to plan with a permanent irrigation system. This creates a balanced, drained environment in which the carefully selected native flora can flourish. The finished solution has over 9000 plants, chosen to provide a range of colours, textures and biodiversity benefits. No eco-systems were lost during the retrofit project and the inclusion of green external envelope features will deliver biodiversity net gain

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