An award-winning development for Hounslow

London Borough of Hounslow


United Living

As part of a wider refurbishment project to improve aesthetics and services in the local area, Enfield Council employed Playle and Partners LLP. 

The purpose

London Borough of Hounslow had committed to building 5000 new homes by 2022 to address the Borough’s housing shortage. It took to heart Government advice to be innovative in building new homes and to make the best use of available space, and chose United Living with extending existing housing stock. Wilson House was an obvious candidate.

The development comprised three connecting three-storey flat-roofed blocks with a central stairwell. By adding a rooftop development (RTD), three new two-bedroomed apartments could be delivered alongside the potential to reduce the whole site’s carbon emissions and improve energy efficiency.

Wilson House case study before image
Wilson House Case Study After Image

The solution

We designed, supplied and installed the entire superstructure. With Langley’s in-house expertise across the fifth façade, we could offer a complete, coordinated package that was compliant and cost-effective.

Our off-site construction of the RTD cassettes facilitated the build speed, completing the superstructure in just three weeks and all on-site works in nine weeks.

Wilson House won the best use of flat to pitch roof scheme at the Pitched Roofing Awards.

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