Langley Launches New Specialist Technical Operations Departments

Langley, a well-established name in the UK flat roofing market, has announced a significant strategic move to reshape and modernise its technical operations. Effective November 2023, we have created four specialist technical departments: Design Services, Site Services, Aftercare Services, and Product Services.

By splitting into four departments, we offer dedicated and focused expertise at each stage of a project’s journey. The restructuring is driven by Langley’s SPIRE values: Safety, Purpose, Innovation, Responsibility, and Expertise.

Safety is Langley’s unshakable foundation. The company sets and maintains high safety standards, ensuring that every step of the way is secure.

Langley’s purpose is simple: to create strong connections by ensuring its valued clients and customers understand its teams’ roles and specialisations.

Innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s Langley’s guiding principle. The company has fostered a collaborative working environment that encourages innovative thinking.

Responsibility is deeply ingrained in Langley’s culture. The company is reliable and accountable and when it commits, it sticks to it.

Expertise shouldn’t be a well-guarded secret. We have made it accessible in every department and ensured that expert experts and their knowledge are accessible at every stage.

Design Services
Matthew De Jong, Head of Design Services, leads the dedicated design and specification service, including bespoke drawings. Matthew has a comprehensive background in technical support and design services across the construction and roofing sectors, bringing a wealth of experience to the team.

Site Services
The team of technical managers, led by Tony Ellis, Head of Site Services, provides on-site technical support and monitors installations.
Tony brings over 25 years of hands-on roofing application and contract management experience across roofing disciplines.

Aftercare Services
Ralph Barrie, Head of Aftercare Services, guides the in-house customer service team, issues guarantees and provides a proactive leak investigation and repair service. Ralph brings over 35 years of experience across the roofing industry, serving many senior management and board-level positions at specialist roofing contractors.

Product Services
Is the dedicated R&D team with specialist system experts sharing and developing true expertise, led by Simon Wroe, Head of Product Services. Simon worked at the British Board of Agrément (BBA) for over 37 years, 20 of those in technical and development projects, including certification of roof waterproofing membranes and systems.

Technical Director Shaun Lotay, a fellow of the Institute of Roofing who joined Langley early in 2022, said:

“We’ve all become acutely aware of the importance of experts and expertise as reflected by legislation driving change in our sector.
Creating a culture that facilitates a diversity of thought is a core personal principle and at Langley, we recognise that expertise is specific and that we all have different experiences and knowledge to bring.
By establishing this new technical structure in line with our SPIRE values, we have established our manifesto as leaders in technical excellence.
I could not be prouder of Matthew, Tony, Ralph, Simon and their teams, and with their support, we will continue to research, develop, innovate and engage with our valued customers and clients.”

This strategic shift  with our specialist technical departments underscores our dedication to our SPIRE values and unwavering commitment to driving change in the roofing industry. It’s not just about how we work; it’s about how the industry can improve with a focus on safety, purpose, innovation, responsibility, and expertise.

You can contact the Langley Technical Department directly on 01327 701582.

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Langley Launches New Specialist Technical Operations Departments

Langley, a well-established name in the UK flat roofing market, has announced a significant strategic move to reshape an...