New Langley PU Liquid Waterproofing

Langley has been supplying high-quality systems for more than 50 years. As part of our commitment to high quality sustainable and long-lasting systems, the Langley PU liquid waterproofing system has been developed to the same exceptional standards which can be expected from us. Offering guarantee lengths of 20 and 25 years, we are excited that our new liquid technology allows the application of a 25-year system in just two coats. This significantly decreases install time compared to many other liquids in the market where a 3-coat system is required.

Langley PU Liquid Waterproofing

Langley PU is a solvent-free, polyurethane coating system comprised of primers and liquid-applied membranes and is compatible with the huge range of accessories, rooflights and sustainable solutions on offer. Perfect for sensitive or occupied sites, the low-odour liquid can be used on occupied buildings such as schools or hospitals.  It provides monolithic, flexible, durable and long-lasting protection. As with all liquid systems, the practicality and flexibility of installation by brush or roller solves problems associated with long-term waterproofing, where there is significant plant or complex detailing. As with all our systems, you can be assured that the accreditation and testing are to the highest standards, with the Langley PU system having been approved by the British Board of Agrément, with a durability statement of 25 years.

Features & Benefits

Low Odour
Langley PU is a leading liquid roof waterproofing system that uses innovative technologies to deliver a safer, low-odour, user-friendly experience for sites where fumes can be hazardous, such as schools, pharmaceutical and food/beverage manufacturing sites, hospitals, commercial offices and retail units.

Our new PU carries the same warning labels as a bottle of washing-up liquid. Kind to the planet and safer for installers, with no more serious health or environmental hazards on the labels.

Fast Curing
Langley PU is already a fast-curing system. With catalysts available to accelerate the cure time during winter months, the speed of installation remains consistent throughout the year.

Quick Installation
The two-coat system dramatically reduces installation times.

Cold Applied
No need for hot works or naked flames.

Polyurethane technology delivers a tough surface, suitable for irregular foot traffic without additional protection.

Once applied, Langley PU provides a seamless, monolithic and waterproof barrier which allows surface water to discharge freely from the roof.

Ponding Water Resistant
Langley PU is highly resistant to ponding water, providing excellent protection even where small amounts of water remain on the roof.

Minimal Waste
Roof repairs can be carried out without removing the existing membrane, minimising disruption and reducing waste to landfill.

The Langley Guarantee
Our guarantees set the benchmark within the industry, with a single-point independent Insurance Backed Guarantee (IBG) of up to 25 years that covers design, workmanship, materials and consequential loss.

The Langley Service
Whether a standalone roof or part of a larger stock condition survey or asset management plan, the team of experts at Langley will survey, design and monitor your project, providing aftercare and support via our customer portals for the life of the roof.

The Range Includes
Langley PU Embedment Coat
Langley PU Top Coat
Langley PU Metal Primer
Langley PU Porous Surface Primer
Mordant (T-Wash) Solution
Butyl Fleece Tape
Langley PU GFM Reinforcement
Langley PU Winter Accelerator

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