The PR-15 system is part of the Langley Pararapide range of resin-based, cold-applied liquid waterproofing systems. Pararapide is a two-component high-performance PMMA (polymethyl methacrylate) system with a catalytic action ensuring a fast, controlled curing time even at very low temperatures. The wet-on-wet application of components creates a total cure time of approximately three hours combined with a skid-inhibiting finish, makes this an ideal system for access walkways, stairways and balcony areas. The system carries a 15 year independently insured guarantee for both materials and workmanship.

PR 15 product

When to specify

This system is for refurbishment projects where a skid-inhibiting finish is required and existing systems are to be overlaid (avoiding costly strip-ups). Suitable for most common types of waterproofing including asphalt and bituminous membranes.