Metal Roof Tiles

Supplying the acclaimed Decra system for pitched roofs.

Versatility, durability, sustainability

As Decra’s only Official Partner in the UK, we proudly supply a wide selection of Decra systems throughout the UK.
Decra metal roof tiles are the perfect solution for your pitched roof and come in a variety of finishes, coatings and colours. Highly durable, they withstand extreme weather conditions due to their strong, corrosion resistant steel core and robust installation method using a unique, light-weight 8-point fastening system on each tile.

Sustainability in action
The main raw material used to make Decra tiles is steel, which is 100% recyclable, plus 25-30% recycled material is used in the Decra manufacturing process. Decra tiles can be seven times lighter than conventional clay or concrete roofs. A Decra roof requires less timber for constructing the roof structure and fewer lorries for transportation, therefore supporting net zero carbon strategies.

Unmatched for strength
Decra roof tiles are well protected against the forces of nature thanks to their corrosion-resistant, strong metal core and their unique horizontal, 8-point fastening technique. Stone-coated steel roofing from Decra offers exceptional strength and durability, resulting in a practically maintenance-free lifetime solution for property owners.

The fireproof solution
A strong roof is vital to maintain the structural integrity of a building, especially in the case of fire. Made of non-combustible (Euroclass A1 reaction to fire) materials, Decra metal roofs offer excellent protection from external fire sources and can be used unrestricted.

Guaranteed peace of mind
Once the Decra roof system has been installed, we provide a 25-year Insurance Backed Guarantee covering design, workmanship, product and consequential loss.