Social Value

Enhancing social value through construction.

At Langley, we’re committed to the creation of social value through the projects we’re involved with. We always aim to deliver outcomes that are a social, economic and environmental benefit to the wider community. Please click on the image below to read out 2022 Social Value Report.

Leading our industry in community support

Our approach to social value covers three areas; Employment, Skills and Community Support.



Every project has the opportunity to create new jobs and apprenticeships in the local area. We can make this happen, making a real difference to people’s lives.


This includes training, talks and careers advice. We target SMEs local to the project offering expert training such as asbestos handing, roof training and working at heights.

school corridor

Community support

The Langley team offer volunteering to support communities in all kinds of ways. From repairing and restoring local amenities to working with schools.

A positive sustainability story

At Writtle Junior School in Chelmsford we made a presentation to pupils and staff all about the new roof we had designed and installed. The new flat roof featured sedum planting to improve air quality, enhance biodiversity and reduce carbon while being waterproof and energy efficient.

This was very engaging for the children who could see the benefits and understand how their school was making a positive difference to sustainability.