For Better Living

More than just the shelter you get from a Langley roof, we care about the fundamentals of living – air, water, energy, climate, biodiversity, waste, well-being and the community around us.

We’re driven by sustainability both within our business and through our product and service solutions. Our vision of ‘For better living’ is for our employees, our customers and the wider world. By encouraging everyone in our business to become an Eco Hero, we aim to meet our target of becoming better than net zero by 2030.

There’s five facets to our sustainability strategy:

1: Internal culture and operations

Sustainability starts with individuals, taking small steps that add up to big changes.

At Langley, our colleague behaviours and attitudes are encapsulated and driven by our Eco Heroes initiative.


2: Site-based activities

At all the places we work, we’re focused on reducing waste and improving productivity in the way we source, design, handle and install materials.


3: Products and systems lifecycle

Our product solutions are designed to improve sustainability across their lifecycle. Langley Eco Solutions is at the cutting edge of carbon reduction, water management, energy production, biodiversity, biophilic design and air quality. Plus, we are developing systems to provide accurate measurement for our customers.

4: Green logistics

The efficiency of how we manage and transport materials is critically important to Langley and we are continually improving this process.


5: Smart maintenance

Our maintenance services extend the life of roofs and the assets they protect. We are also pioneering smart maintenance solutions using ‘Internet of Things’ technology to proactively detect problems before they arise.

Developing our sustainability strategy

The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are 17 Goals to transform our world. We are focusing on four of the seventeen SDGs as the framework for our sustainability strategy.

Goal 3:

We’ll actively encourage healthy lives and promote well-being for all.


Goal 12:

This impacts our place of work and how get there as well as sustainability in our supply chain in every aspect
of our business.

Goal 9: 

Our product and service innovations will help build resilient and sustainable infrastructure.


Goal 13:

There’s no doubt that the world is facing a climate crisis resulting in extreme weather events and changing
habitats for humans and animals. Everything we do to help will protect our business for the future and our
planet for the next generations.